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Numeri is a leading Zimbabwean firm specialising in Business Establishment, Corporate Secretarial, Tax Compliance, Advisory, Fiduciary and Digital Services. We assist individuals, start-ups, small to medium enterprises (SME’s), family owned businesses (FOB’s) or those who are coming into the Zimbabwean jurisdiction for the very first time at every stage of their business development.

In its quest to assist businesses start, grow and thrive, Numeri operates a couple of websites including Zimbabwe Companies Registry, Company Formations, Companies, Companies Made Simple , Register Your Company, Companies Made Easy, Shelf Companies and Shelf Companies For Sale.

Here is a list of the websites operated by Numeri and its partners.

Zimbabwe Companies Registry

Zimbabwe Companies Registry specialises in all aspects of company registration in Zimbabwe and registering a variety of company types including nut not limited to Private Limited Companies and Private Business Corporations. ZCR also provides support to individuals and professionals such as solicitors and accountants as well as international clients.

Zimbabwe Companies Registry offers its company registration services online or over the phone.

Company Formations

Just like Zimbabwe Companies Registry, Company Formations offers company registration and corporate secretarial services in Zimbabwe. This is the second website to be operated by Numeri. To date, Company Formations has assisted over 1500 business owners to start their businesses.


Companies offers company registration packages as well as offering company secretarial services, address services, annual compliance services, company searches, company documents etc.  They provide company registration in Zimbabwe for private limited companies, private business corporations, limited by guarantee and shelf companies

Companies offers four company registration packages.

Shelf Companies

Shelf Companies registers and sells shelf companies in Zimbabwe. It is Zimbabwe’s largest seller of shelf companies. To date Companies has sold over 700 shelf companies.

Shelf Companies also offers corporate secretarial services including company name changes, tax clearances etc.

Companies made simple

Private Limited Company (Private) Limited is part of Numeri Incorporated and offers business start-up support from company registrations and post start-up support services including accounting software, tax registration and tax returns, domain registrations and website design and mantainence. They can help you to register ready-made companies or shelf companies, Private Limited Companies and Private Business Corporations.

Companies Made Simple offers different company registration packages which suit anyone’s pocket.

Register your company

Register Your Company is a specialist in company registration in Zimbabwe. As the name suggests ‘Register Your Company’ they only focus on company registration and offers a wide variety of company registration packages which include starter, essential, advanced and professional packages. Register Your Company also offers Non-Resident packages for non-Zimbabwean resident clients.

Register Your Company offers the widest range of business types which include Private Limited Companies, Private Business Corporations, Companies Limited By Guarantee, Shelf Companies, Branch or Foreign Companies and Partnerships, Syndicates, Joint Ventures, Consortium, Clubs and Unregistered Associations

Register Your Company also offers Private Limited Company and Private Business Corporation annual company mantainance services including annual returns preparation and filing, declaration of annual general meeting and declaration of business continuance.

Register Your Company is operated by Companies Made Easy a Numeri Incorporated owned Company.

Companies Made Easy

Companies Made Easy is a company under Numeri Secretarial Service. Companies Made Simple is a specialist business focusing on company registration in Zimbabwe, corporate secretarial services, accounting, tax and network services. Companies Made Simple offer a company registration service for those wanting to register either a Private Limited Company or a Private Business Corporation with a fast and comprehensive service that will provide you with the certifications you require.

Companies Made Simple offers different packages for each and every service they offer. They can support your online set up as well through sourcing your domain name and registering it as well accessing website design and hosting facilities. All are provided in a single package with an annual fee.

Companies Made Simple is also a registered company, Companies Made Simple (Private) Limited.

Shelf Companies For Sale

Shelf Companies For Sale is probably one of Zimbabwe’s biggest source market for shelf or off the shelf companies. The site advertises specifically shelf companies and a few corporate secretarial services to complete the shelf company service. The services include tax clearance services, trade name registration service, company name change service and annual returns service.

Shelf Companies also offers some freebies if you buy a shelf company through their site including free domain registration and free ebooks.

Shelf Companies is also a registered company, Shelf Companies For Sale (Private) Limited which means its a separate legal entity in its own right.

To summarize, Numeri’s websites and partners offers the following services

Company registration

  • Private Limited Companies
  • Private Business Corporations
  • Shelf Companies
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee
  • Foreign Companies or Branches
  • Partnerships, Syndicates, Joint Ventures, Consortium, Clubs & Unregistered Associations

Corporate secretarial

  • Name searches
  • Trade name registration
  • Replacement of company documents
  • File searches and statutory reports
  • Company director changes (appointments and resignations)
  • Company secretary changes (appointments and resignations)
  • Transfer of shares
  • company address changes
  • Company name changes
  • Annual returns preparation and filing
  • Declaration of business continuance for Private Business Corporations
  • Amendment of memorandum and articles of association
  • Company deregistrations
  • Company conversions
  • Allotment of shares
  • Share capital increase
  • Share capital variation
  • Declaration of beneficial ownership
  • Register mantainence
  • Document monitoring

Fiduciary services

  • Address services
  • Local director services

Tax services

  • Tax registration and tax clearances
  • Tax returns
  • Tax health checks
  • Tax dispute resolution
  • Tax advisory

Other services

  • Accounting
  • Immigration services
  • Etc.

Set up for success

Zimbabwe might be facing economic challenges. However, it is one of the easiest countries to set up and run a business. Better still, it helps to work with a trusted partner that has in-depth knowledge of Zimbabwe’s regulations to help smooth out your company registration process and maintain it whilst you focus on your business.

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