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Companies may find themselves needing to allot shares to another company or individual.

There are various reasons you might need to allot shares. It might be to repay some or all of the company’s borrowing, or to fund a new develoment or project, or funds may simply be required to grow the business organically. A share allotment could be used to fund the purchase of another company – this may mean raising cash from a share allotment and using that cash to buy the other business for example or a director or employee might have exercised a share option that they’ve been granted by the company, that may acquire the shares via an allotment to them.

Whatever your motivation, we can work with you to kick-start a share allotment.​​

Our experts will help you prepare all the neccessary documents, from the initial file search, preparation of board minutes, preparation of the return of allotment, updating the members register to the final filing with the Companies Registry. If you’re considering any kind of share allotment, contact our specialists to discuss.

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